The current specialized programme continues the established traditions of Bulgarian Actuarial Society in the actuarial professional tuition and aims to:

  • meet the requirements of specialized professional actuarial tuition in the practice of life and general insurance, pension and life insurance, finance and investment management;
  • achieving a better quality in the actuarial services offered in the country;
  • certify actuaries who have successfully taken the corresponding exams;
  • help actuaries in Bulgaria cover the high qualification requirements of the profession established in the BAS regulations, as well as the Educational programmes of the International Actuarial Association and the European Actuarial Association( Groupe Consultatif ).

Who could take an actuarial education?

Participation in the programme is open for any actuary, investment specialist, manager, accountant or other finance specialist from banks, insurance companies, pension and health funds, business houses, investment management companies, investment funds and other organizations where actuarial calculations, evaluations and analyses are to be taken

Student requirements

Candidates must have a higher education in any of the following subjects: mathematics, informatics, engineering, economics. The required minimum of preparation in mathematics includes knowledge within the framework of a course in calculus (differential and integral computation), probability theory and mathematical statistics taken at a higher school.

Basic Modules

Модул М105 “Actuarial mathematics”

Модул M108 “Investment and asset management”

Модул M109 Професионализъм

Tuition format

Two tuition formats are provided:

  • regular
  • remote

In regular format every participant attends a cycle of lectures with every module lasting between 30 and 40 school hours lectures and practical tasks solving exercises.

In remote format every participant receives a set of printed materials and uses them to prepare for sitting the exam. The remote format is a constant format of tuition throughout the whole calendar year. The regular format and lectures on the different modules are conducted only after a decision by the Qualification Commission and the Administrative Council of BAS when a group of no less than 10 persons has been assembled.


For every module a written exam in the form of practical cases and tasks solving test is organized. Dates are additionally decided on and announced to the students. Every participant who successfully takes all the exams in the tuition programme receives a diploma by Bulgarian Actuarial Society in qualification and capacity in actuarial science and its application in insurance activity, insuring and managing of investments.

Exam rules


Candidates fill in an application form (link to the application form), which they send to BAS’s address: . Afterwards BAS sends each candidate a participation confirmation.